MARCH 8TH 2012

2012-03-09 @ 06:24:37

I haven't been on here in a while but tbh, I neither felt like it nor had time for it...
Anyways here's what's been going on lately:

This week freshmens and sophomores takes tests til noon so I've basically slept in every day mon- thurs. We haven't done much in school since the lessons were only about 30 mins long.

Last week we had try outs for tennis and I made the JV team, but now it seems like I'm in Varsity!! Woohoo!!
First I felt like found a sport that I'm really bad at, but I'm getting better so I'm very happy I made the best team. It means I'll play more matches etc. I'm playing double with a girl named Emily, we have Spanish together.


I was in school for two hours and left early to go to tennis, and guess what? The day we leave early a freaking celebrity comes to our school, WIZ KHALIFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
obviously he dates someone's sister from school and was gonna watch his baseball game.

I'm so pissed we missed it!!!!!!! &@:$/@.!,¥|£|=|!~]

Anyway, back to tennis...

... We played our first game today and EVERYONE won their matches, how good right?! The other team wasn't good at all, but I'm glad we all got a good start.

Amanda and I went to Sonic on our way home, only the second time I've been there. Good food and drinks!

Time for bed, night!

Pictures of me and my partner Emily and best friend, Amanda:

Postat av: Åsa

Vilken tennistalang! Grattis till vinsten. Har du fått lite coaching av Kotten?

2012-03-09 @ 06:45:14

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