SOh my goodness I don't know where to start... Today it's been exactely one year since I went to America and wow, what I jurney! I've experienced so much and yet I felt unfinished with my exchange year when I went home. It sure felt good to be home, meet my family and friends and all that, but after that moment when you've hugged your loved once just a little longer that usual it's all back to normal and you feel like you haven't been gone for more than a week. Actually, let's put it like this; when I think about the year that's passed, daydreaming or whatever, it's so hard to summerize this year into one word or even remembering every single moment that it makes me feel like I've just woken up from a dream, which I remember but miss the details. It's such a weird feeling that's so hard to describe to someone who haven't experienced it. It's like you're empty but yet too full to swallow something new. Well, after 1-2 weeks it all feels a little better and you start living your Swedish life (almost) full time. It's really hard to balance these two worlds that do not have anything in common but myself. Now that I'm back, doing the things I usually do and the same rutines, my American life feels so far away, like it's dead, and yes that's probably what it is. This paragraph does probably not make any sense at all but oh well, at least I wrote something..

And.. Before I went back to Sweden, my family and I went to Florida for a week. It was awesome! I should probably make another summery about this whole year, but I'll save that for another time,


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