2011-11-27 @ 21:08:42

Postat av: s

guuud va underbara!! hahaha

2011-11-28 @ 18:25:05
Postat av: Åsa

Måste vara underbart för Sarah att ha en så tokig syrra! Ni är för söta.

2011-12-01 @ 12:43:50
Postat av: Pettan

Helluuu there Sarah! First of all I have to say that you sing so much better than Lovisa, she is not Good at all... Just kidding, or do I.... Ask your parents if Lovisa can bring you here when she is coming later in spring, we can sing all day long, tho I'm bad ;( I'll send you and Lovisa à video of me when I'm singing so you have something good to listen at. You Both are so pretty girls<3 kiss on tha butt

2011-12-08 @ 17:23:12
Postat av: Anonym

såå söta tjejer, ni sjunger suuuperfint.

Can't Wait fot the next episode!

the best video ever! <333

2011-12-08 @ 19:43:21
Postat av: hej:)

Best video, can't stop laughing!!! Love your singing Sarah, u could be famous!

2011-12-09 @ 02:08:16
Postat av: Ingrid&Garce

Grace said it was very not so silly but it was a good try! HAHAHA

We both think you were very funny and cute! Can't wait for the next show!!

Love you both!

hugs, Ingrid and Grace

2011-12-10 @ 01:11:57

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