2012-02-27 @ 03:27:24

Hey there!

After a week with only two days of school, Friday didn't really feel like Friday. Anyways, on Friday I went to the talentshow in school with Korina. She is a junior, we have both Spanish and History together and she doesn't live far from me. She's such a fun person to be around. The talentshow was much better than expected. My two friends, the twins Will and Ben presented the whole thing and there were around 15 people who participated, some sang and others played an instrument. The best one, who also won was a guy who beatboxed. He was sooo good, he seriously sounded like Skrillex or something, oh my gosh what a talent! The rest of the evening I just hung out with Korina at her house.

On Saturday I went another one of those "scrapbooking days/sessions". I didnt bring enough photos to crop alot, instead I went back to earlier pages I've done, put some more stickers on them and did some jounaling. When I came home I finished off the last pages of 2011. Woho, only 2 months behind now...

Four different persons texted me and wanted to hang out, yeah this will be a great night I thought, but of course, Americans do what they always do, cancel the last minute. So there I was, with make up on ready to leave my house once again. This is the third time this has happened this week. Aaahh it sucks!! Neither of my friends plan things in advance so it's really heard to be a person who plans things to hang out with friends here sometimes. I got really pissed but what ever, hopefully it won't happen next weekend.

Today I slept in till 11, cleaned half the house and spent approx. 4 hours at the gym. I did power yoga, some walking and weights but spent the last hour or so in the steam room. I've been so lazy today its not even funny.

Time to play some guitar and scrapbook a little before I get too sleepy. Bye!!

btw. it's not even fun to blog anymore when noone comments... :(

Absolut första bilden med min iPhone

Postat av: mamma

Vad härligt att det blev lite kvalitetstid på gymmet. Hur går det med tennisen? Ha en bra vecka så hörs vi snart. Puss

2012-02-27 @ 07:47:51
Postat av: hanna

Hej jag bestämmer en skypedejt med dig och den tänker jag inte ställa in!! okej? i helgen? puss saknar dig så

2012-03-01 @ 22:50:50

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