2012-03-26 @ 05:41:27

I started off the day pretty early, at 6:40 actually. I had to get ready for our family trip. We drove for 6h to get down to Mesa Verde, where we checked in to a lake house we've rented for two nights. The cabin is amazing, there's a little lake, or more of a pond, in front of the house and we have a great view over the mountains. Sarah and I have been on small hikes and then Sarah, Luke and I used the hot tub. Now we're just relaxing and taking it easy. It feels so good being out in the country where everything is quiet and peaceful. I'm about to read a book and then I'm off to bed. Tomorrow we're going to Mesa Ridge National Park, where Indians, Anasazi, used to live a thousand years ago. We're going to watch some of the cliff dwellings and hike around the park. We have our own tour guide steve, host dad. He's so interested in archeology, history and architecture and knows a lot about the place so for him this is paradise, haha. Tomorrow will be a really interesting and fascinating day for sure.

Postat av: Pappa

I Look forward to read your blogg again. /Pappa

2012-03-29 @ 17:59:37

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