2012-05-05 @ 08:35:52

Pictures from Senior Breakfast. We had our senior breakfast on wednesday where we ate some okay food, took a bunch of pictures, got our caps and gowns and watched our senior slideshow with our parents. I normally sleep in on Wednesdays, but this time I had to be at school at 7.30. The breakfast wasn't too good so Audrey, Amanda and I went to Chick-fil-A to eat some more. After two classes, Spanish and guitar, I had my last tennis practice. That's pretty sad. These last two days, Thursday and Friday, I've had regionals in tennis and have therefor not been in school. We had our Senior Prank last night and I took a tour around school so I could show you what it looks like, or actually what our prank looked like. It was thug life for real haha. I can't post the video yet though, I'll have to see how much trouble we'll get in first. After watching my team makes play tennis today and enjoying  our Senior Skip day Amanda and I went longboarding with a kid named Brandon and then I went out with David. I got home just half an hour ago and tomorrow is prom so I better get my beauty sleep NOW. I have my up-do schedualed at 11.00 so no sleeping in for me. Bye Sweden!

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